Sales Teams

Are you an underwriter selling Cyber insurance? A Consultant using desk table exercises to help your clients prepare for cyber attack incidents? Working  on a Sales team offering cyber security solutions? RedTeamCyber has the technology and expertise that will addresses your unique challenges and provide you with advanced tools to help improve your work.
  • The RedTeamCyber Sales Tool addresses your challenges and was created with a focus on the needs of Sales organizations. By using simulations & war gaming as the basis, we have turned a highly abstract risk into something tangible.
  • The RedTeamCyber Sales Tool provides even more functionality— with additional features to support your sales teams by ensuring that all relevant product information and Sales collateral are never more than a click away for convenience and expediency.
  • The RedTeamCyber Sales Tool integrates your branding and service portfolio by linking products to threats, harmonizing designs,   providing direct access to threat intelligence and product information.