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The Cybersecurity market is expected to exceed 130 billion USD in 2017 and grow to more than 200 billion USD by 2021. And the on-going digitalization, fascinating developments in social media, artificial intelligence/machine learning, robotic and quantum computing will turn Cybersecurity into an even bigger topic. Further pressure comes from lawmakers and regulators that introduce regulations at increasing speed.

RedTeamCyber is offering highly sophisticated solutions to support Sales Teams to boost selling their Cybersecurity products and services as well as Cybersecurity Teams in their incident preparation, training and awareness raising endeavors.


What Sales Teams love about our tool: 

  • A tool specifically designed for underwriter and sales teams
  • Unique sales features relevant for Cybersecurity
  • The tool is empowering you to bring something highly valuable to the table when pitching your products and services

What clients of Sales Teams love about the tool

  • Having the chance to get a way more realistic experience of Cyber attacks
  • Get information about the latest trends and discovering the impact
  • Receiving a direct feedback related to the decisions they are taking

Cybersecurity Teams and Incident Preparation

Are you responsible for Cybersecurity? Tasked with incident preparations? Are you looking to raise awareness among members of top management?RedTeamCyber Incident Simulation Tool will take your efforts to a completely new level. Take advantage of our years of extraordinary experience running excessive simulations of Cybersecurity incidents for international organizations like the United Nations, top decision makers in governments across the globe and boards of Fortune 500 companies.  RedTeamCyber now provides access to this highly  sophisticated approach through a user friendly tool that will allow you to create a simulation within less that 5 minutes to run through your organization.

Sales Teams

Are you an underwriter selling Cyber insurance? A Consultant using desk table exercises to help your clients prepare for cyber attack incidents? Working  on a Sales team offering cyber security solutions? RedTeamCyber has the technology and expertise that will addresses your unique challenges and provide you with advanced tools to help improve your work.
  • The RedTeamCyber Sales Tool addresses your challenges and was created with a focus on the needs of Sales organizations. By using simulations & war gaming as the basis, we have turned a highly abstract risk into something tangible.
  • The RedTeamCyber Sales Tool provides even more functionality— with additional features to support your sales teams by ensuring that all relevant product information and Sales collateral are never more than a click away for convenience and expediency.
  • The RedTeamCyber Sales Tool integrates your branding and service portfolio by linking products to threats, harmonizing designs,   providing direct access to threat intelligence and product information.


Over the last decade, RedTeamCyber has built an unmatched track record and reputation  for developing complex simulations for highly respected international organizations which include the World Economic Forum and the Munich Security Conference.  RedTeamCyber is running simulations for Ministers and highest decision makers at governmental institutions.  RedTeamCyber provides guidance to Fortune 500 companies in preparing for Cyber attacks that may cripple their infrastructure and create a fiscal catastrophe for their investors.  RedTeamCyber validates and tests defense strategies with Cyber Security attack simulations.

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